Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Something Rotten - Jasper Fforde

This is the 4th volume in the "Tuesday Next" series. (The first 3 are The Eyre Affair, Lost in a Good Book, and The Well of Lost Plots.)These books are all set in an alternate world to ours, where literature is taken VERY seriously, genetic recombination is commonplace (dodo birds are a favorite pet) and people can go in and out of books, often wreaking havoc. Tuesday Next is the intrepid detective who has marvelous adventures, meeting Jane Eyre (and saving the original ending!), Miss Haversham and other famous literary folks. Meanwhile folks are trying to kill her, her husband has been eradicated via time-travel (oh- and her dad is popping in and out of the time stream, trying to keep history straight), and she has to deal with the usual work hassles.

As you may assume from the title, this 4th book is very Hamlet-related. In fact, the Danish Prince has accompanied Tuesday back to "real life", where he is trying to convince everyone that he doesn't have a fatal flaw of indecision! He CAN make decisions! Er, well, sort of...

There are just too many funny bits - for instance, another detective branch in the police department is tasked with taking care of things like vampires, werewolves and zombies. And then there are the William Shakespeare clones...

This is not a "science-fiction" book, depite the familiar SciFi themes. It's really more of a mystery series, that just happens to take place in a rather odd world. Anyone who loves literature will appreciate these books. I think this 4th one is the best yet!

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